Chaturbate is the webcam live site full of best adult content in the web. The name of the website is the mixture of 2 words - ‘chat’ and ‘masturbation’. And on the site you can find the wide range of sexual activities to watch like, for example striptease and performances with sex toys.

Basic details of Chaturbate
Type of the site Adult webcam, live chat
Available in languages Multilingual (15 languages available)
Headquarters California, USA
Area served Worldwide, except blocked areas
Industry Adult camming
Advertising Yes
Registration Optional
Launched February 2011
Current status Active

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Soon you’ll get all details about the site and its services, Chaturbate tokens and the system called the Chaturbate token currency hack 2019.

In the article everything about the Chaturbate token currency, Chaturbate token price per package and the Chaturbate token hack - the tool that works for all interested users in 2019. The only thing they have to do is connecting their devices with the Internet because this system works online, without download any special software.

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Main Chaturbate features important for users - something basic about the site, tokens and hacking cheat method

Chaturbate is the great site with really entertaining adult content for everybody. Unfortunately, it has also some disadvantages like, for example, the Chaturbate token cost. But you can stop worrying about anything because now you can use the Chaturbate token hack that works both for PC computers and mobile phones. So now you can get free Chaturbate tokens with your smartphone and stationary computer.

The most important details connected with the site
Content Thousands of Broadcasters, including trans and couples Performers
Model appearance Mix of Performers of various ethnicities, body types from thin to BBW
Model info From 18 years old to mature ones
Other content Blog, bonus tube videos, Model profiles with photos and videos
Other details important for viewers User ratings and comments, tags and categories, favorites, advanced search options, mobile-friendly mode of the site
Streaming player Large Flash player, high quality of shows

Chaturbate token prices are quite expensive and it’s a big cost to enjoy the top quality shows on the site. Happily, now you can use the Chaturbate token cheat 2019 and enjoy gratis coins.

Chaturbate advantages that are important for site’s users who have tokens to spend in 2019

What things are appreciated by users when they use Chaturbate with unlimited coins created with the Chaturbate Token Generator 2019?

  • there are lots of different Broadcasters to watch 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • lots of the content is free (for the rest you can pay with the Chaturbate currency adder)
  • you can tip Models and get their attention thanks to this
  • the quality of webcams is excellent, most of shows is in HD and with clear audio
  • searching options on the site are advanced and easy to use
  • there are additional sections with great content:
    • blog
    • tube section with:
      • photos
      • videos.

When you don’t have to care about Chaturbate tokens cost and the site is completely free for you, there are many different options of entertainment to choose.

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Chaturbate disadvantages - things you don’t have to care if you have coins created with the hack system

The biggest disadvantage of the site is the Chaturbate token currency cost and expensive private chats. But with the Chaturbate token currency hack you don’t have to care about prices of Chaturbate coins. Average private show is between $8 and $20 per minute and with the adder you can save this money.

All other things depend on you - if you check ratings, it’ll be hard to find the Broadcaster that can disappoint you. Now you can just enjoy the site, for the rest you’ll pay with the Chaturbate currency hack.

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2019 Chaturbate know-how - everything you have to know about the site before you start spending coins

The Chaturbate token hack pro 2019 online tool is the great hacking cheat system but you should know rules connected with the website before you start spending time and coins watching shows.

Chaturbate rules that should be known by all hack system users

Even if you use the Chaturbate currency generator, you shouldn’t forget about rules connected with using the site.

What is important when you enjoy Chaturbate? You can’t:

  • use offensive, racist and hate language on chat
  • harass users or Broadcasters
  • broadcast shows under alcohol or drugs or even use alcohol or drugs chatting
  • broadcast in public places when you can have the situation of appearing third parties on your show.

Some things are important for viewers, some for Broadcasters but both these groups have to respect site rules. And both groups, of course, have to respect each other.

What are Chaturbate fanclubs? What is the price of being the member of the fanclub?

The fanclub is the way of supporting Broadcasters you like. Being the member of the fanclub, you pay monthly subscription that may have various value (it depends on Model’s settings).

Being the fan of the Performer you have the gratis access to all premium content in the Model’s profile. You can turn off your membership when you want and stop paying the subscription.

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Chaturbate tipping with coins generated with the cheat system

By tipping, you show the Model your appreciation and Broadcasters earn additional cash this way.

It’s only your decision if you tip the Model and how much it is. You send tips in tokens and, of course, you can use coins created with the Chaturbate free tokens hack. Tipping Models, you grab their bigger attention and give them the possibility to earn more. Each tip is the extra money for Performers.

Chaturbate account security - protect your tokens generated with the hack system in 2019 mode

Chaturbate is protected but you can also have the influence on your account and its security. Remember to choose strong password. You can also turn on the 2-step protection to feel more comfortable. This way you can additionally protect your Chaturbate account with tokens created with the Chaturbate free tokens hack 2019.

What devices are compatible with additional security Chaturbate modes?

  • Android smartphone devices
  • Apple iOS devices
  • Windows mobile phones
  • devices capable of generating TOTP codes
  • phones able to receive text messages
  • phones able to receive phone calls
  • hardware security keys.

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Chaturbate chats available to watch for tokens

Chaturbate has 3 main types of chats available to watch. If the show needs coins, you can pay with vouchers created by the Chaturbate hack token generator in 2019 mode.

Chaturbate public chats for groups of token users

Public chat is the show when you take part in the performance with other users. You can tip the Model watching the show. Sometimes the show starts when the Broadcaster collects the amount of tokens determined as the goal to start the show.

Chaturbate private shows available for tokens for you

Private chat is the show when you are in the private room with the Broadcaster. Prices of this sort of shows may be different for various Models. Some of them are even $20 per minute. Remember that private show may be spied by other viewers.

Spy chat - the Chaturbate show with the smallest price per minute

Spy show is the cheapest chat available on Chaturbate. Spying the show, you can just watch. You don’t have any influence on anything on your screen.

The token - the official coin of Chaturbate. Value, cost of the minute of the show and exchange mode for Broadcasters

How much are Chaturbate tokens? It depends because you can pay for them or get them for free with the Chaturbate tokens hack generator 2019. But before you start using this cheat tool, let’s check prices and you’ll see how much you can save using the adder.

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Token packages and their prices on Chaturbate in 2019

Both in the Chaturbate token hack 2019 and the normal way of buying, coins are available in special packages. Each package has different value - the amount of vouchers and the cost.

Amount of tokens Cost per package in dollars Price per 1 coin in dollars Bonus
100 10.99 0.10990 -
200 20.99 0.10495 5%
500 44.99 0.08998 22%
750 62.99 0.08398 31%
1000 79.99 0.07999 37%
1225 99.99 0.07967 38%
2025 159.99 0.07900 39%
2026+ - 0.07900 39%

Also in the token hack for Chaturbate, the currency is available in different packages to choose. You can generate enough tokens to enjoy any show you want with tipping Models.

Chaturbate show prices per minute

There are different shows to watch on Chaturbate. Each sort has its own price per minute.

Cost per minute of the show
6 tokens per minute
12 tokens per minute
18 tokens per minute
30 tokens per minute
60 tokens per minute
90 tokens per minute

This way, shows may be even $20 per minute. It’s a huge price if you want to pay for coins in the traditional way.

With gratis Chaturbate coins, you don’t have to this kind of problems. You just generate, get and enjoy chats and everything is available for free.

free chaturbate tokens

Exchange tokens into cash - the calculator for Chaturbate Broadcasters

The idea of the calculator is simple - the exchange rate for Models is always the same - 1 earned tokens is 5 cents to pay for the Broadcaster. It means that the Model needs 20 tokens to earn 1$.

Is it hard to earn lots of money on Chaturbate? It depends on Performer’s engagement, prices per shows and amounts of tips they get from their viewers. The next way of earning is also the fanclub subscription.

Chaturbate 2019 overall review of the site according to hack users

A slogan of Chaturbate is ‘The act of masturbating while chatting online’. It explains everything you can find on the site. The content is really good and you have the wide range of choices to make between Models and sexual activities.

The very big advantage of the site is user rating. It allows everybody to check Model’s stats and comments before you start interact with the Performer. It allows you to make good choices easier. But when you enter the room - private or public - you have to remember one important things - sending tips is the principal rule of everything.

The site is not only simple to use but it provides lots of pleasure and entertainment. But you can’t forget that everything is possible only if you have coins to pay. It concerns both tipping and watching most of shows. It’s great that now you can have the access gratis coins with the special Chaturbate token generator that can work for PC computers and mobile phones in 2019. Thanks to this special hacking tool, you can forget about spending your private money on tokens. It’s the online system that provides you unlimited amounts of coins necessary to pay on the site. The Chaturbate coin hack makes life easier and you’ll find it out when you start using this special adder.

The chapter for people that want to earn tokens becoming Chaturbate Models

You can spend coins on Chaturbate or earn them there. If you want to become the Broadcaster, this chapter is for you.

Gratis access for every interested user!

What appliances do you need to start broadcasting to earn tokens on Chaturbate?

Starting broadcasting is quite simple. You have to register account and confirm your identity. When you complete these steps, you must know what appliances you need.

Basic set for broadcasting is:

  • WEBCAM - it should make good records because the quality of your show can affect on the amount you earn
  • LIGHTNING - without good light it’s hard to be visible in your room/studio. The basic set is a 3-point lighting setup with some umbrella lights to illuminate you from all angles and hide any imperfections
  • LAPTOP - as your command center
  • MICROPHONE - you have to have the mic to talk dirty to your viewers.

Payout exchange rate for Chaturbate Models in 2019

Chaturbate pays Models twice a month, on the 15th and on the last day of the month. 1 earned token is always 5 cents. US Models have also the option for daily pay if they want.

How much tokens do you have to get to earn the bigger amount?

  • $1 is 20 earned tokens
  • $5 is 100 earned tokens
  • $25 is 500 earned tokens
  • $50 is 100 earned tokens
  • $500 is 10000 earned tokens.

Some good Broadcasters earn about $20 per minute. It means that they earn $500 within about a half of an hour and tips are additional cash, of course.

Gratis access for every interested user!

Tips for Models who want to earn more tokens on Chaturbate

There are some basic tips for Models who want to earn more tokens on Chaturbate. What should you focus on?

When you want to be succeeded, focus on:

  • public chats - you can earn lots of tokens from viewers tips or setting goals on public shows
  • private shows - don’t refuse private performances, allow also other users to spy your private shows to make additional money
  • selling private videos and photos
  • using bots to manage your shows and profile more effective
  • scheduling the time of your shows - having set hours and days of broadcasting is important for your followers (you can also open the fanclub for them).

chaturbate broadcaster

2019 visit on Chaturbate - what can you get with coins generated with the adder for the currency?

It’s time to visit Chaturbate and find out how much content you can get with the gratis currency generated with the Chaturbate token cheat.

Chaturbate tags - make looking for good show more comfortable in 2019

On Chaturbate, you can use tags to navigate the site and search Models you want to see. You can choose among:

  • all tags
  • female tags
  • male tags
  • couple tags
  • trans tags.

Each hashtag has:

  • viewers
  • all rooms to see
  • top rooms to watch.

Chaturbate tubes - additional ways to spend tokens on the site

Visiting Chaturbate tube, you can choose among additional content to buy like:

    • photos
    • videos
    • women
    • men
    • couples
    • trans.

If you want to spend some additional currency on Chaturbate, the tube is the place for you.

How to search on Chaturbate homepage? Advices for all token owners

Being on homepage, you can use the most popular tags and see featured, all genders options and the option for webcams you follow.

On homepage, you can usually see only the small portion of all cams available on the site. Click the gender or in tags to see more options of searching.

Gratis access for every interested user!

How Chaturbate cams are divided? Categories based on tokens and prices or other features

You can always scroll the site down and see sections of webcams available on Chaturbate. It’s easier look for cams this way because you can determine some basic standards you want to use to search Broadcasters.

Free Chaturbate cams by gender of Broadcasters

Genders are the basic standard of searching Models on Chaturbate. Remember that generated coins may be used to pay for all kinds of shows available on the site. With the free Chaturbate token currency you can access cams:

  • featured ones
  • female cams
  • male cams
  • couple cams
  • trans cams.

Chaturbate cams according to age of the Model - spend tokens with Broadcasters you want to watch for real

What are categories according to age of the Performer? You can spend tokens on Models you like watching the most:

  • teen cams (18+)
  • 18 to 21 cams
  • 20 to 30 cams
  • 30 to 50 cams
  • mature cams (50+).

chaturbate token 2019

Chaturbate cams when you care about the region. Your favourite locations available with the generator

On Chaturbate you can also divide Models according to the region they are from. Broadcasters from all locations are available to watch with coins created with the Chaturbate token currency hack real 2019 mode:

  • North American cams
  • Euro Russian cams
  • Asian cams
  • South American cams
  • other region cams.

Chaturbate cams according the status and the quality - it may means different prices for various Broadcasters

Status is connected with the quality or sort of the cam. The oldest and the newest cams are available with vouchers from the Chaturbate token generator online. This system is compatible with all cams you can watch on the site:

  • exhibitionist cams
  • HD cams
  • private shows
  • group shows
  • new cams.
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Chaturbate cams according to the price per minute - various costs of chats

You can also search rooms according to the price. The value of the show per minute may be from 8 to even 20 dollars. With the online 2019 currency adder to hack Chaturbate, you can enjoy even the most expensive shows without limits:

  • 6 tokens per minute
  • 12 tokens per minute
  • 18 tokens per minute
  • 30 tokens per minute
  • 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 tokens per minute.

Languages available on Chaturbate - spend tokens in the language you know

The very first language of Chaturbate is English but you can also access the content in below languages:

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Greek
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Chinese.

There are 15 different languages to choose if you don’t want to use English.

chaturbate token cheat

The generator you can use to hack official Chaturbate coins called tokens

On the market there is the special currency adder for Chaturbate compatible with PC and mobile devices. It’s the most powerful 2019 tool for all Chaturbate fans who want to enjoy the site but save money.

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What is the 2019 mode hack for Chaturbate official currency?

The 2019 generator is the mechanism that works online and allows users to get gratis vouchers necessary for paying on Chaturbate.

PC mode of the cheat system for hacking Chaturbate in 2019

PC mode of the adder is compatible with all stationary computers that may be connected with the Internet. The system works online so you don’t have to download any special software to use the generator regularly. Doesn’t matter if you have Linux or Windows computer. Also Mac devices may be used to generate gratis coins.

chaturbate mobile

Mobile mode of the generating system - cheat and get Chaturbate coins with your smartphone

You don’t need any special app to get the currency with your smartphone. The generator works online also for mobile phones so you don’t need any application to enjoy Chaturbate and gratis tokens. You can use Android and iOS devices so now doesn’t matter if you have Samsung smartphone or Apple iPhone - free currency may be generated by all users who have the working Internet connection.

Hacking process of the Chaturbate generating tool in details - what to do to get gratis and working tokens?

The generating process is easy to conduct because it’s online and intuitive. There are only a couple of steps that take less than 5 minutes to complete the process. The hacking procedure is simple and we guarantee you that you can conduct it just follow instructions you can see on the screen of your smartphone or PC computer.

So how to get free Chaturbate tokens? Forget about spending money and paying any costs and visit the site of the generator to start the process of hacking the currency you can use to pay for Chaturbate shows.

chaturbate currency

It’s the time to start using the generator for Chaturbate to get coins in the gratis mode

The adder works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can use this hack system when you want. The only thing you need is the device that may work online, connected with the Internet.

This cheat engine has several servers located in different countries that means that users from different locations may use the generator with the same efficiency. You don’t have to spend money on Chaturbate anymore - it’s time to start using the 2019 Chaturbate currency hack system that works for everybody.

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