This article is the place where you get some important Chaturbate tips - they will be related to the currency called the ‘token’, sorts of shows and Chaturbate options for watchers and Broadcasters.

At the end of the article you’ll also know something special, the Chaturbate currency adder in special 2019 mode, updated to give you even more efficiency and options. It’s just a moment to have the possibility to get unlimited free Chaturbate tokens.

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chaturbate hack

Before you start using the hack system called also the ‘generator’ to get the currency in special token packages, know Chaturbate itself better

The Chaturbate itself - details and tips for everybody

Chaturbate is the online adult website with the live show content. On the site you can find different sorts of performances, broadcasted by:

  • women
  • men
  • couples / groups
  • transgender Performers.

The site was launched in 2011 and it’s still one of the most popular adult content sites in the web. The popularity of Chaturbate shows is connected with the fact, that people can make almost all their dreams come true there. The only bad thing on the site is the fact that just few activities are free on the site - you as the user need tokens to pay for shows and special options available on the site.

If you’re interested in novelties connected with the site, we recommend you to stay tuned with our Blog or use the official Reddit of Chaturbate to have the chance to know all updates.

Some stats about Chaturbate before you know the official currency of the site and the option how to hack the system

You need lots of Chaturbate official coins to enjoy anything you want. But there are people who spend lots of tokens on Chaturbate and don’t worry about anything. You can get gratis Chaturbate vouchers to enjoy the site without limits but before you use the Chaturbate Currency Hack in the 2019 mode, know the site better.

Chaturbate has the hack system that works for real. But first we have to know more about the site itself. Chaturbate is the website that has about 450M monthly visits. Customers of the site are from different countries but the site is most popular in:

  • the United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • France.

There are some sites similar to Chaturbate but we think that’s the best site available in the whole web - with the best Broadcasters and the greatest options. If you use the site once, you’ll fall in love with its content!

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Chaturbate in practise - how to use the site to enjoy tokens in the free mode fully?

Before you get the token, know categories on Chaturbate

On Chaturbate there is lots of different categories. You can find something for you based on two main assumptions:

  • categories themselves
  • Chaturbate tags.

chaturbate token

Doesn’t matter what you prefer, the Chaturbate token is always necessary to have enough pleasure from the show. You’ll use Chaturbate free tokens soon but first let’s know the content of the site.

Main categories of Chaturbate available for the official currency called the ‘token’

You’ll get Chaturbate currency soon but now we’ll check categories available on the site:

  • according to Broadcasters gender:
    • female
    • male
    • trans
    • couples
  • according to Broadcasters age:
    • teen cams (18+)
    • 18 to 21 cams
    • 20 to 30 cams
    • 30 to 50 cams
    • 50+ cams
  • according to Broadcasters region:
    • North American cams
    • Euro Russian cams
    • Asian cams
    • South American cams
    • other regions cams
  • according to the status of cams:
    • exhibitionist cams
    • HD cams
    • private shows
    • group shows
    • new cams
  • according to the price per minute of the Chaturbate show:
    • 6 tokens per minute
    • 12 tokens per minute
    • 18 tokens per minute
    • 30 tokens per minute
    • 60 tokens per minute
    • 90 tokens per minute.

Tags as the second way to spend some token coins on Chaturbate - you can use the hack method also for them

You can use categories to find the show you want to watch or use Chaturbate tags. Remember that the Chaturbate currency hack can work also for them.

Official chaturbate tags are (for example):

  • #bigboobs
  • #bbw
  • #hairy
  • #ebony
  • #anal
  • #squirt
  • #milf
  • #latina
  • #pregnant
  • #german
  • #feet
  • #french
  • #pantyhose
  • #nolimits
  • #mistress
  • #indian
  • #daddy
  • #bdsm
  • #lesbian
  • #bigass
  • #chubby
  • #lovense
  • #smalltits
  • #young
  • #slave
  • #redhead
  • #dirty
  • #smoke
  • #bbc
  • #office
  • #russian
  • #deepthroat
  • #skinny
  • #selfsuck
  • #gay
  • #italian
  • #sissy
  • #schoolgirl
  • #femdom
  • #petite
  • #muscle
  • #bigclit
  • #curvy
  • #uncut
  • #master
  • #ohmibod
  • #fetish
  • #strapon
  • #humiliation
  • #gape
  • #sph
  • #mommy
  • #heels
  • #natural
  • #bignipples
  • #panties
  • #submissive
  • #bigtits
  • #latex
  • #stockings
  • #bush
  • #nasty
  • #blonde
  • #kinky
  • #slut
  • #daddysgirl
  • #findom
  • #roleplay
  • and many, many more.
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Rules of Chaturbate - even if the price of the token is zero for you, you have to be polite to Models and other users

You can use the free Chaturbate Token Generator 2019 to get Chaturbate coin packages without paying. But you can’t forget about good behaviour on public and private chat. Even if the Chaturbate token cost is zero for you, being polite is important. Let’s familiarize with rules that are connected with the site (it’s always good to read FAQ before you start using Chaturbate):

  • don't use abusive language while chatting or broadcasting
  • don't use hate or racism speech
  • don't harass other users for any reason - causing issues with other users will result in a ban
  • performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited
  • don't use drugs on cam even if it is legal in your jurisdiction (e.g. medical marijuana)
  • don't broadcast in a public area where people may unknowingly appear on your broadcast.

chaturbate hack 2019

Above rules are connected with broadcasting and watching. But the site has also some different options and possibilities for users. Remember that everything you can do on the site is available with the Chaturbate tokens generator 2019 mode:

  • Chaturbate is free to join but you need tokens to enjoy all best options on the site like private chats and sending tips to Chaturbate Broadcasters
  • you can use 2-step verification to protect your account (as the user and as the Broadcaster)
  • you can buy private photos and videos of the Model (each Chaturbate additional content has its own value in token coins - you need to pay the right amount of tokens to get additional photos and videos. You can’t negotiate the price)
  • you can use the site in mobile and PC version - and the Chaturbate token hack system is also available for different kind of devices.

Sorts of chats available on Chaturbate (don’t including the cost of them - above you can see kinds that are connected with token amount per minute)

On Chaturbate there are some different kinds of shows. You need tokens to pay for them. Let’s familiarize with shows available on the site:

  • public chat - when you watch Models with other Chaturbate users. During this kind of the show you can tip the Broadcaster - sometimes this kind of the show is free but you have to send tips in tokens in determined amount to start watching or the Performer starts broadcasting determined activity when users pay with tokens the amount the Performer want to start
  • private show - when you’re the only watcher of Broadcaster’s show. Private performances may have different price levels per minute - it depends on the price the Model determines. You can always extra tip the Broadcaster in this kind of the show. remember that Performers do like Chaturbate tips, they appreciate them a lot
  • spy show - the option when you can watch somebody’s private chat. It’s cheaper than private performance but you haven’t any possibility to affect it. Certain Broadcasters will require you to have a minimum number of tokens before they will allow you to spy in on their cam.
Gratis access for every interested user!

The famous official Chaturbate coin called the ‘token’ - know the real hero of the site that means more than only the currency

What the token is? The real value of this Chaturbate currency

The token is the official currency on Chaturbate. With this coin you can pay for shows and send online and offline tips. It’s hard to determine one and reliable Chaturbate token converter / Chaturbate token calculator because the price per one token coin may be different. The bigger currency package, the lower cost per one token.

Let’s check all aspects connected with this special coins and the Chaturbate token value both for users and Broadcasters. There isn’t any way to use another currency on the site, everything is paid in the token.

The price of the token for Chaturbate Models and watchers

Let’s check the Chaturbate token value in practice. We’ll look at it with eyes of Broadcasters and customers of the site. The Chaturbate token currency is something special and it’s hard to treat it like normal money. But it’s important on the site and defines lots of activities of Models and viewers.

The idea of Chaturbate token calculator in the real live - the price per token on Chaturbate

It’s hard to determine one price per token on Chaturbate. The one and constant value is possible only in the situation when you use the Free Chaturbate Token generator 2019 mode. If you aren’t the follower of this special software, there is a rule that is related to the cost of tokens.

Let’s see it in the special token table that may be also called the converter for Chaturbate:

Token amount Price per package Cost per 1 token Percentage bonus
100 $10.99 $0.1099 none
200 $20.99 $0.10495 5%
500 $44.99 $0.08998 22%
750 $62.99 $0.08398 31%
1000 $79.99 $0.07999 37%
1255 $99.99 $0.07967 38%
2025 $159.99 $0.07900 39%
2026 or more look at the cost per 1 token $0.07900 39%

The meaning of the token for the watcher - price, usage and other details of Chaturbate

If you’re the viewer of Chaturbate shows, you have to know that you can buy tokens or use the adder to get the in the hack and free mode created for 2019. The Chaturbate token price is available for you in the above table.

Tokens may be used by viewers to pay for shows and send tips in online and offline modes. Without tokens you can’t do anything special. Also some shows are available for users also in the situation when they pay. But there is the solution for watchers who want to still have the access to the site but avoid paying for tokens. They can use the Chaturbate tokens adder that works for all users who can connect with the Internet.

chaturbate generator 2019

As you remember the price per minute of the Chaturbate may be (in token coins):

  • 6 tokens per minute
  • 12 tokens per minute
  • 18 tokens per minute
  • 30 tokens per minute
  • 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 tokens per minute.

Only you know how much money you can save this free way. The generator may work for you in the unlimited mode. But you’ll know all details soon.

The meaning of the token for the Broadcaster - value, options and other details of Chaturbate

The tokens is also important for Models. They work and broadcast to get tokens because then they convert them into real money and get cash like normal salary.

What is the Chaturbate token converter for Performers? 1 token is 5 cents, 20 tokens are worth a dollar. See the formula:

tokens to dollar
Tokens x 0.5 = $ CashOut
dollar to tokens
$CashOut / 0.5 = $ Tokens

And check some examples (collected tokens into the earned amount):

  • 20 tokens for $1
  • 100 tokens for $5
  • 500 tokens for $25
  • 1000 tokens for $50
  • 10000 tokens for $500.

The free way for the token - special hack system that works for everybody

On the market there is the free Chaturbate token hack 2019 that may be your unlimited source of the gratis currency. Know the way for free Chaturbate coins and enjoy all shows without any limits.

Know the working system that it’s the most reliable and efficient the Chaturbate token generator software free option you can find in the whole web.

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The hack system that provides the currency called the ‘token’ for Chaturbate in the unlimited amount of packages

What is the generator for tokens in 2019 mode that cooperates with Chaturbate?

On the market there is the special tool that works 100% online and doesn’t need any app, apk or special software. Something that is innovative, intuitive and powerful, the real and working free Chaturbate token generator 2019 mode. We’ll describe this tool for you to introduce it to you including all important details.

chaturbate tokens

Features of the generator in 2019 mode that was designed to allow you to get unlimited token packages for free and use them on Chaturbate:

  • 100% online mode - you don’t have to have any app, apk or special software to use the tool. Thanks to this, the generator is available Worldwide - in every place where you can connect with the Internet
  • efficient - this hack system has servers located in different countries so each customer gets the highest efficiency of the tool during the generating process
  • you can get up to 5000 tokens once
  • there aren’t any limits for users - you don’t have to change the device you use or the IP number if you want to use the generator regularly. We have lots of users who use the method even a couple times a week
  • no cost - there aren’t any hidden fees for you
  • regular updates - the system is updated as often as we can. What’s more, it has also special 2019 generating mode designed especially for this year
  • you can feel completely safe every time you use this Chaturbate token generator
  • anti-bot system protection
  • updated to mobile and PC computer modes - you can use this hack on various devices, including iPhone devices and Mac computers.

How the generator works in the 2019 mode to provide you gratis token packages for Chaturbate?

The way the hack works to generate the currency for you is simple and intuitive. It takes less than 5 minutes to get token coins for Chaturbate. Generated tokens aren’t limited by anything - they may be held on the account for a longer time or be spent immediately right after you generate them.

You can use our free Chaturbate tokens for all activities that need paying. This gratis Chaturbate currency is based on 2 things - we retrieve tokens from missed and forgotten accounts and the generator bases on special VIP modes that also provide some vouchers to the big pool of this hack method. What’s important, when you pay with these gratis Chaturbate coins for shows you watch or tip Models with them - Broadcasters get real cash from them normally. So you don’t have to worry about anything. The only thing you should do is generating and enjoying yourself.

The process of generating is easy and takes only a while:

  • you can watch the video or read the guide before you start generating free Chaturbate tokens
  • when you see the option of the generator, you must:
    • choose your location (continent)
    • choose the amount of gratis tokens you want to get (up to 5000)
  • when your confirm your choice, you can see what to do to complete the process and get extra coins for Chaturbate in less than 5 minutes and enjoy all options of the site.

The all 2019 modes of the generator related to your safety on Chaturbate and connected with token packages you can get with this hack system

Your safety is our priority. Because of this, the Chaturbate token generator 2019 software is the system that is well-protected and based on the newest safety assumptions. It isn’t just an ordinary cheat method to get the currency for free, it’s also the innovative system created by the group of people who know this matter.

free chaturbate

You can always feel protected:

  • you always remain anonymous
  • any third parties can follow you with your IP number
  • the site is protected from hackers attacks.

The 2019 mode of the hack - getting token packages is now easier for Chaturbate

The tools was updated for this year and now it has been the special Chaturbate token hack 2019. It means that the generator is compatible with all devices that may be connected with the Internet. If you can connect your mobile phone or PC computer with the network, you’re the winner because you can generate tokens.

Familiarize with the 2019 mode of the Chaturbate currency hack.

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PC mode of the hack for token packages on Chaturbate

You can use the generator and create gratis Chaturbate tokens with your stationary computer.

The PC mode is compatible with:

  • Windows stationary computers
  • Mac computers
  • Linux operating system.

If you prefer watching live shows on bigger screens, you can use the generator in the PC mode and get vouchers from your stationary computer, it takes just a while. Doesn’t matter where you are or live.

Mobile mode of the generator for Chaturbate gratis tokens

At present, lots of people prefer using mobile phones. Nowadays smartphones can help us in work or be the source of entertainment. It’s connected also with using Chaturbate. Many viewers prefer watching performances from their mobile phones so the Chaturbate token generator 2019 get also the special mode for smartphones.

chaturbate currency hack

The system cooperates with:

  • all Android mobile devices
  • iOS devices.

Now you can have everything at your hand and both generate and watch with your smartphone.

And what with all other devices?

The script of the Chaturbate token currency hack in 2019 mode called also the Chaturbate token generator divides itself into mobile and PC modes. But it isn’t everything.

When the script recognizes the version of device you have (computer or smartphone, for example), then it adapts the right version of the script to your appliance. If you use iPhone, you’ll be served by the iOS version.

But sometimes people have other operating systems. Doesn’t matter. Our Chaturbate currency hack has also the overall version of the script and this kind of its software may be used for all other devices. The 2019 mode of the generator is something special and you should know it.

Some last words about the generator and the token coin related to Chaturbate

This special 2019 mode Chaturbate currency hack system you can use here is the online system that works for real. Don’t wait anymore and get tokens now with the Chaturbate Generator!

Now you can use the most reliable and efficient Chaturbate token generator 2019 and be the part of the huge community that use this system regularly. About 10% of tokens that are spent each month are created with us. It means that we’re the important part of Chaturbate and we’re the family of members. You can join us anytime you want because the system works 24/7 without breaks and holidays to provide you the top quality services all the time and without any limits.

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