The real cost of token coins for Chaturbate users and Broadcasters

The token has its own cost and value. But the price is different for Chaturbate users and Broadcasters. The first group spends the currency watching shows and tipping Models and the second one earns tokens to converts them into real money.

To tell something more about Chaturbate token cost, we have check all currency options available on the site:

  • Chaturbate token cost for watchers:
    • 100 tokens for $10.99
    • 200 tokens for $20.99
    • 500 tokens for $44.99
    • 750 tokens for $62.99
    • 1000 tokens for $79.99
  • Chaturbate token cost for Performers:
    • 20 earned tokens is $1
    • 100 earned tokens is $5
    • 500 earned tokens is $25
    • 1000 earned tokens is $50
    • 10000 earned tokens is $500.

Earning token coins as the Broadcaster, you get money from about 45-55% of earned coins. So the half of token amount is yours and it’s connected with above converter. When you’re a viewer, you can also get something special - the discount that is dependent on the package you buy on Chaturbate. Then the cost per token may be different and the discount is from 5% to 39%.

The importance of the token on Chaturbate related to its cost on the site

The token is the official currency on Chaturbate. It means that everything on the site is dependent on this coin. All services are connected with the cost and value of the token. It’s impossible to use the site without having these vouchers.

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Now you know the Chaturbate token cost and all discounts connected with buying tokens. But what in the situation when you can have the discount equal to 100%? It’s possible to have the currency for free. It’s enough to use the right tool. Then you can forget about the Chaturbate token cost and spending your private money on different things. If you’re the real and devoted fan of live shows, you can save lots of money this way.

The cost of 1 token on Chaturbate

The cost per token on Chaturbate varies from $0.1099 to $0.8 depending on the package you want to buy. But what about show prices per minute? The price of the show per minute may be:

  • 6 tokens per minute
  • 12 tokens per minute
  • 18 tokens per minute
  • 30 tokens per minute
  • 60 tokens per minute
  • 90 tokens per minute.

And now you can see that the cost per one minute of the show may be even $10! Now you can save all this money. It’s enough to use special 2019 Chaturbate currency adder hack that works with mobile phones and PC computers.

chaturbate token cost

When you start using this generator, you can forget about the Chaturbate token cost. You can make your life better and you can have the unlimited tokens source that can be used by you regularly. The system can work with one device/IP address more than once and it’s the huge advantage of this software.

When you don’t have to care about the cost of the token, you can just enjoy all Chaturbate options without limits

When the cost of the token is equal zero for you because you have got special Chaturbate token generator 2019, you can just focus on your pleasure. On the site there are different Models - women, men, trans and couples/groups.

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Remember that on the site important are Chaturbate tips. You should tip Models you like the most in both online and offline mode. When you don’t have any Chaturbate token cost and everything is free for you, you should reward Broadcaster like this, they appreciate it.

Generate token coins with the zero cost and make your free time full of Chaturbate pleasure

There are any limits for you in this Chaturbate system. The cost of generating token coins is always zero so you can get vouchers without worrying about hidden fees. The free option for tokens is good for you but there is also one more thing you should know - tokens generated by you work like normal and paid ones. Broadcasters can transfer them into real money. The generator in 2019 mode works on retrieving lost coins and it’s connected with special VIP accounts and it means that you get real currency that may be used for all options on Chaturbate that need being paid.

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The generator is available 24 hours a day for every interested user. If you want to stop caring about the Chaturbate token cost, the solution is for you. The hack method is ready to use from smartphones and PC computers, you can generate tokens for free from:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux.

If you want to enjoy Chaturbate in the gratis mode with free tokens, conduct the process of generating the currency, stop thinking about the cost of token coins and get extra vouchers to spend on all activities.

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