Cookies Policy

1. What are ‘cookies’?

‘Cookies’ are small text files which register user’s online activity. They help user during their visits on the site showing the site which is adapted to user’s preferences. Turning ‘cookies’ off can cause errors on the site, including wrong site’s working.

2. What kind of ‘cookies’ we have on our site?
  • Session cookie files
  • Cookies which save user’s choices (e.g. some data). They are active until the user logs out or closes the browser.
3. Cookies for analysis

They allow to collect data connected with the way of using the site including user’s clicks during visiting the site. They are helpful in improving site’s work.

4. Targeting Cookies

They save pieces of information which are connected with the site, they allow to offer discounts or other personal propositions for users.

5. Removing Cookies

Each browser gives you the option of blocking and removing cookies. Need more information? Click the links below: