Overall issues

Yes, your generated tokens amount will appear in the table when the system of NEW-APC confirms it. We don't share any details of users when the amount appears in the table - user can see only the time, generated amount and the part of user's IP address - the short part is visible but the rest is hidden so you don't have to be afraid that anyone can identify you. With us, you always remain full anonymous!

There are multiple benefits when you generate with us:

  • Transparency (you stay completely anonymous).
  • Easy to make it.
  • You can generate chaturbate tokens more than once.

We're the most reliable and the easiest to use generator on the market. We guarantee that you make the whole process and then fall in love with the simplicity of the system!

Some pieces of information are secret. The rest you can know, visiting HOW IT WORKS bookmark. We don't share all details here because we want to remain the market's pioneers. We do like our position now and we want to be still the best generator you can find in the web.

The generating process usually takes around 10 minutes (automatic & instant). In some cases it could be delayed up to 12 hours, because of overloaded network. Remember that you aren't our one and only customer. Many people want to generate free token with us!

Yes, you can make as many processes as you like keeping in mind that you have to remember about other users. We advise you to generate smaller tokens amounts but more often. Our system works better generating more smaller amounts than less bigger ones.

Our website is CDN powered, SSL secured and protected against DDoS attacks to make sure that your visit on our website is completely safe. Also our generating system is improved every day to make it as safe as it's possible.

Yes, it is. As you can see above, we work on our site every day to make our site as good and safe as it's possible.

Your generated tokens amount may be different from your choosen amount by 10%. It happens sometimes because our system is automatic and we have thousands users at a specified time.

Contact us via e-mail, contact for or helpline. Keep in mind that chaturbate has got its own statute and FAQ. If you have any questions connected with the site, contact with its support or read its FAQ.